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Few years ago Pacific Southwest Electronics took on challege to refurbish and distribute Samsung Techwin Security products - also known as Samsung Pro-line Security Products. 

In contrast to Samsung's DIY camera systems, Pro-line Products are built for commercial use. Pro-line products are   full featured, reliable and high-standard equipments to last long time.

Especially for cameras, Pro-line products utilizes Samsung engineered technologies that reduces signal noise (SSNR) and enhances dynamic range (SSDR) which improves image quality and brightens up shady areas while reducing the video storage requirements.



Refurbishing and Distribution

Quality and Price are two important keys to successful refurbishing and distribution business.

All our products and parts are from Samsung Techwin Ameria. Product condition varies from never-been-opened to damaged. Any damaged parts are discarded.

All refurbished products are tested against orginal specification. Only items that passes our quality control are distributed to our customers.  

All refurbished products carry warranty.  The warranty period is 3 months or 3 years depending on product condition at which it arrived at our refurbishing site. One or two year or extended warranty is available upon request.

But how much does it cost to buy refurbished products? The refurbished products are priced at a fraction of MSRP and competitively priced against all major brands.  

That translates to high quality products at low prices.